The Pork Report. Game 1.16


The Pork Report.  13th October

Game 1. V Bang Burger Bro’s. 6pm kick Off

The off season gave us all a chance to grow the short & curly’s, extend the length and girth in wanted and unwanted places only to have to taper down our non-fitness and fighting weights to get our body shapes and sizes ready for what will surely be another hugely successful year of The Pork !

The Pork Report. Game 6


After a hot blue skied day the heat hung around til 7pm for The Porks kick off against The Gunners. We trotted out onto field 12 which you could say is the equivalent of the “Nose bleed section” of Bangalow stadium. That’s fine by us as we know we can’t always Hog the limelight.

The Pork Report. Game 5



After months of negotiations & “above the Table”  deals going on between The Porks management & the FFA ( Football Federation Australia ) we allowed the Socceroos to play their World Cup Qualifier in Canberra against Kyrgyzstan at the same time as our game against The Monyets FC (8pm) – ( don’t worry Porks our Piggy Bank is full again ).

The Pork Report. Game 4



Once again the Bangalow rain couldn’t keep itself away from a Porks match. It was, of course a Thursday night – one of the greatest nights of the week at this time of year.

The Pork Report. Game 3



Tonight’s game started off with a whistle & from the get-go we had a shot at an open goal & missed. It seemed that team Kaos hadn’t gotten themselves onto the field yet.

Our new logo and website launch!


We are proud to launch our new website and logo. Looking ver sharp, summery and hopefully appealing to all you men and woman out there we want to showcase how good this competition is… and its all because of you guys!