Men's 6 a side Soccer Competition Bangalow
Men's 6 a side Soccer Competition Bangalow
Women's 6 a side Soccer Competition Bangalow
Women's 6 a side Soccer Competition Bangalow
Women's 6 a side Soccer Competition Bangalow
Men's 6 a side Soccer Competition Bangalow



All rules are final. The rules are here to ensure a safe fair competition for all players, staff and supporters.


1.1.Summer 6s reserves the right to:

1.1.1. refuse the registration application of a player and / or team into the competition
1.1.2. cancel the registration of a player and / or team into the competition

1.1.3. suspend or disqualify a players and/or team from the competition

1.1.4. amend or alter the Summer 6s Rules and Regulations as may be determined necessary by Summer 6s committee from time to time. Summer 6s will advise all teams of any changes at least 24 hours prior to the rules and regulations being adopted.


2.1.All forms, documents and information is available at

2.2. Each team applying to play in the competition must fill in a team registration application form.

2.3. Each individual player applying to play in the competition must have all their details completed on the team registration form online.

2.4. The application form (s) must be submitted with full payment. No person will be registered, nor permitted to play until the teams nomination is paid in full.

2.5. Submitting a team registration application with all supporting documentation including payment is a request for a place within the competition. It does not guarantee a place in the competition.

2.6. In the event that a team’s application is unsuccessful, the payment at the time of application will be refunded in full.

2.7. By applying to register for the competition a player irrevocably agrees:

2.7.1. to abide by and be governed by the Summer 6s Rules and Regulations

2.7.2. to hold Summer 6s committee, officials and volunteers, harmless and releases and indemnifies and keeps released and indemnified from and against all actions, suits, claims, demands, costs, charges and expenses in respect of any loss, damage, accident or injury of whatsoever nature or kind and howsoever sustained or occasioned and whether to property or persons and;

2.7.3. that the cancellation of a player and or team registration may at Summer 6s discretion, result in the forfeiture of the teams registration fee.

2.7.4. that any claim of loss, injury or damage will be a matter determined between a player and the relevant insurance company, and;

2.7.5. to grant Summer 6s committee, officials and volunteers the right to obtain medical care for the player from any qualified person should the need arise in a case when the player (or players legal guardian(s) is not immediately able or unavailable to grant authorization, and;

2.7.6. that in such a case described as in 2.9.3, pay for all medical expenses involved, including ambulance expenses if incurred.

2.8. The maximum number of players allowed to become registered per team is 12. The minimum number of players allowed to become registered is 8.

2.9. Under no circumstances will an unregistered player be allowed to play. Any unregistered player found playing in the competition will result in the player being suspended to play in the competition for a minimum of 10 matches. The team playing the unregistered player will lose all competition points for that season. The team will be able to compete in the finals series but will not accrue wins to compete in graded grand finals. In the event a second unregistered player is found to have played after the initial indiscretion, the team will be unregistered from the competition and all registered players from that team will be ineligible to compete in the proceeding years competition.

2.10. Under no circumstances may a player transfer to another team during the competition.

2.11. A player cannot be replaced during the competition.

Late Registrations

3.1. New players can register into the competition up to Round 4 of the Round Robin only if the team has had a vacant position since the beginning of the competition.

3.2. Late registrations come with a $30 application fee payable at the same time as the application is submitted.

3.3.Each new registration player must fill in the player registration application form and be submitted no later than 24 hours prior to the next round. 3.4. A player must not play or enter the field of play until all fees are paid and the completed player registration application form is accepted by Summer 6s.

Field and equipment

4.1. Field Dimensions – 50m long x 30m wide. Field markings include a halfway line, and halfway circle 8m in diameter. The goal box is 8m x 4m.

4.2. The goal posts are 2.2m high x 3.7m wide 4.3.A size 4 football is to be used.


5.1. Teams must have a designated manager who will be the primary point of contact for all team correspondence from Summer 6s.

5.2. The maximum number of players on the field from each team at any one time is six (6). The minimum number of players on the field from each team at any one time is four (4) except for extra time in finals when using the drop off system. If a team cannot field four players at any time during the game it will be deemed as a forfeit. 5.3.A maximum of 10 players are allowed to play per round.

5.4. Age restrictions.

5.4.1 A Grade Men and General Men Males must be born before 1 January 2003 (turning 15 this year).

5.4.2 Women Females must be born before 1 January 2004 (turning 14 this year).

Team Strip

6.1.Strip colours must be nominated prior to beginning of competition on the teams nomination form. (Summer 6’s has the right to change if another team has already nominated the same strip).

6.2. All players must wear same coloured shirt with the number clearly shown on either back or front. Teams have until Round 2 to have correct strip. Failure to not have correct strip by Round 2 will result in game being forfeited.

6.3. All players to wear shin pads and football boots to be eligible to play. Sport shoes are not acceptable.

6.4. The goalkeeper must wear a shirt that distinguishes themselves from other players and officials.

6.5. All jewellery must be removed prior to play.

6.6. In the event of a strip clash the team listed on the right of the draw must wear an alternative strip. Team bibs are available from the referees or canteen. Bibs must be returned as soon as possible after the game is completed.


7.1. The competition will consist of 7 round matches and 3 finals games. Games will consist of 2 x 25 minute halves with only a short break at halftime.

7.2. The men’s competition will consist of one grade split into pools. The pools will be graded after week 7 to form the finals competition.

7.3. The women’s competition will consist of one grade split into pools. The pools will be graded after week 7 to form the finals competition.

7.4. Teams will receive 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, 0 points for a loss and 0 points for a forfeit. In the event of a forfeit the opposition team receives 5 goals.

7.5. All results will be maintained and updated as soon as practicable after matches and available at

7.6. Teams will abide by the rules of football set down by FIFA. Exceptions as listed.

7.6.1. NO OFFSIDE.

7.6.2. The use of a size 4 ball.

7.6.3. A smaller field made up of with smaller goal posts with nets.

7.6.4. A one step rule for taking free kicks.

7.6.5. No slide tackles.

7.6.6. The goal keeper can throw and place kick the ball over halfway but not kick the ball from his/her hands. An indirect free kick will be awarded on the halfway line at the place the ball goes over on the full.

7.6.7. All decisions of the referee regarding the game are final. No protests of a referee decision will be accepted.

7.6.8. At the referees discretion a player can be given a time out penalty (yellow card) and must stand behind the teams goal. Substitutes are unable to replace a yellow carded layer. (Time out penalties will last either 2 minutes or 5 minutes depending on the severity of the penalty). A yellow card can be shown for the following offences: Guilty of unsporting behaviour including foul play, time wasting and the use of offensive, insulting or abusive language. Persistently infringing on the laws of the game.

7.6.9. Players can also be sent from the field as per FIFA rules (Red Card). Substitutes are unable to replace a red carded player. A red card can be shown for the following offences: Guilty of serious foul play Guilty of violent conduct Use of offensive, insulting or abusive language Two yellow cards during a match

7.7. A red card carries a minimum one match ban.

7.8. Match Cards can be obtained from the canteen prior to play. Managers are responsible for ensuring that player information is completed and correct on the match card and presented to the referee prior to the commencement of each match. Failure to present a completed card will result in rule

7.12 being applied.

7.9. In the event of wet weather games/round may be postponed until the following Tuesday. If the rescheduled games/round is also washed out the games/round will result in a whole round cancellation. Information regarding game/round postponements will be placed on the website no later than 5pm on game day.

7.10. Interchange is allowed at anytime throughout the game so long as the referee is notified and the out going player is off the field before the new player goes on.

7.11. Teams are responsible for knowing time and field in which to play. Summer 6’s management will place all information on website ( at least Wednesday before each round.

7.12. Games will be ready to start playing on the hour. If a team cannot take the field due to lack of players or not presenting a completed match card to the referee, a one goal penalty applies. A forfeit will be called if a team cannot field 4 players or present a completed match card to the referee after 10 minutes.

8.1. FORFEITS – Any team forfeiting a game with less than 6 hours notice may be ineligible to play in the final series.

8.2. Any team and it’s players forfeiting more than two games during the competition will be ineligible to register in the proceeding years competition.

8.3. Teams will be graded depending on their position in their pool. Grading will depend on the number of teams participating in the competition.

8.4. Teams will playoff for positions in the finals with the highest placed team playing the lowest placed team from the opposing pool for that grade. Winning teams will then progress whilst losing teams will play each other. All teams will play each week despite losing except for those who experience a bye.

8.5. Only players who have participated in 3 games in the round robin will be eligible for the finals series. In order for players who have been unable to play 3 games due to injury to play within the finals series, the players name must be noted on each round match card they have been injured. A medical certificate may be requested as verification.

8.6. Should a game end in a draw at full time during the finals, the game will be decided in extra time by golden goal. A drop off system will be enforced where a player from each team will leave the field after the first 2 minutes of extra time and every 2 minutes thereafter until there are only 2 players from each team left. Players cannot be substituted during this time. Extra time will start with 5v5. If a player has been sent off in regular time than extra time will start with 5v4.

Disciplinary Procedures

9.1. Any player indiscretion deemed appropriate will be noted by the referee and a player indiscretion form will be submitted to Summer 6’s management.

9.2. Summer 6’s management will appoint a Disciplinary Committee (up to 3 people) who shall adjudicate on all disciplinary matters.

9.3. If in the opinion of the Disciplinary Committee a player and/or team brings Summer 6s and/or the competition into disrepute, the player and or team may have the registration cancelled and will forfeit all registration fees

9.4. Players can appeal to state their case if required. Written appeals must be submitted along with a $200 fee (non-refundable).

9.5. Minimum penalties on presentation of player indiscretion form: Abusive language – Minimum One Match Ban Fighting – Minimum 10 Match Ban.

Updated August 2022.